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Why Branded Clothing Or Work Wear  ?

Why Branded Clothing or Work wear ?

Here are 6 reasons to choose branded clothing for your company

  1. Well chosen good quality workwear, embroidered with your company logo looks really smart.
  2. Every time one of the team go out to get a sandwich, go on site, visit a company your brand is visible.
  3. It gives your staff a sense of ” team ” and a sense of pride and belonging
  4. If your employees are on site, they are recognizable by other companies or employees.
  5. Even Protective Clothing can be branded with your logo, again making your staff easily identifiable
  6. If your staff have to wash and iron their own clothing, they can claim back money. As an expense from HMRC
Warm Fleece jacket

So if you are thinking of going down the corporate route, have a read of the above list. See if that convinces you what a great idea it is.

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